Welcome to the Cluster Mods Website. Have you bought a second hand FPV/XR cluster from ebay or a wreckers and when fitted to your car found out the Ford cannot reset your odometer? Or that you have extra lights lit that normally weren’t?

We can fix all of the above plus more.

We offer the following services for Ford/FPV BA/BF Falcon Range and SY/SX Territory Range Clusters:

Odometer Reset/Repair
Body/Fuel Map Reset/Repair
Feature Updating(Police Mode, Remove Traction Light etc)
Fascia Updating(Supply/Install new Fascia and Reset Speedo/Tacho etc to suit)
Illumination Change(Blue/White/Orange/Green)
Replace broken or scratched plastic front cover
Replace broken hazard/illumination switches and covers

We also upgrade Window Switches , Fairmont Clocks , Traction/Fog Switches and Door Handles to your choice of colour.

We are currently looking into providing a similar service for Holden VE and Ford FG. For more information please contact us.

If you have any more queries please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you get no response from us on Email please check your SPAM folder.

Please remember we do not ‘Wind Back Odometers’. You will need to provide proof of your current odometer if you wish to set the odometer lower than what it is. Anyone requesting odometer wind backs will be ignored and may be forwarded to the authority’s responsible.