We offer the following services for Ford/FPV BA/BF Falcon Range and SY/SX Territory Range Clusters:

Odometer Reset/Repair


Fuel Gauge Reset/Repair


Feature Update (Police Mode, Traction Light Disable etc)


Fascia Update (Install new fascia, calibrate Speedo/Tacho to suit)


Illumination Colour Change (XR/FPV Blue, White and Green)


Illumination Colour Change Non Standard

Please Contact

LCD Invert


Supply and Fit New Speaker


For combination prices please email for final quote, for instance when changing the fascia, body/fuel maps can be changed at the same time at no extra cost.

Most Feature Updating can be done on site if you are local to Melbourne, Please contact me for more details Other services will require you sending me or dropping off your cluster to my address. If dropping off I can remove and supply a temporary cluster while yours in being upgraded at no extra charge.

The above prices are correct as of 03/11/2022 and are subject to change at anytime.